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r bar inductor

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Haichuan complies with the requirements and standards for electrical equipment. The electric components and other parts such as the plug, wires, and housing are all fabricated with materials that conform to related requirements. .
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HCET inductor vertical R-bar magnetic core coil bar high temperature electromagnetic induction coil
The HCET series inductor is made by winding ordinary enameled wire or high-temperature enameled wire directly on a rod-shaped magnetic core. The coil body is dipped in glue (varnish) and the pins are tin-plated.It adopts high-current design to adapt to high-current circuit boards. It has the advantages of small size, light weight, solid structure (vibration resistance, impact resistance), good moisture resistance, easy installation, and diversified specifications to choose from.It is widely used in noise filtering of power supplies, power amplifiers, switching circuits, controlled rectifiers and thyristor control circuits, and output chokes.
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