Manufacturing thermal protectors and switches since 2010.


The company has built a 7000 square meter factory in Nanjing Liuhe Economic Development Zone, Jiangsu Province, and has introduced a number of advanced testing instruments and production equipment, and a number of high-tech technical personnel.

HCET Strive for a new journey and a new era of Construction Engineering
Nanjing Haichuan Electronics Co., Ltd. in the Development Zone is a modern technology enterprise, focusing on the R & D and production of sensitive protection components and sensor products! In recent years, this enterprise has been moving forward, steadily developing in the mode of technology industry, with outstanding comprehensive benefits, great industry influence and strong demonstration driving force.


Good news !HCET  Electric heater  thermal Protector | Join hands to new heights, gather strength and take off again
The heater temperature control switch is a switch with a bimetallic sheet as a temperature sensing element. When the heater is working normally, the bimetallic piece is in a free state and the contact is in a closed state. When the temperature reaches the operating temperature of the heater, the bimetallic element is heated to generate internal stress and act quickly, pushing the moving contact piece, opening the contact and cutting off circuit to control the temperature. When the heater cools down to the set reset temperature, the contact is automatically closed and the normal working state is restored.


Word of mouth, good faith and win-win cooperation - customer visit report
On September 17, 2022, customers came to our factory for a field visit. High quality products (thermal protectors, thermostats, overload protection, temperature switches) and services, advanced fully automated equipment and technology, and good industry development prospects are important reasons to attract customers to this visit. Customers come with expectation and return with satisfaction!


HCET temperature protector for   Automatic Shoe Polisher | Haichuan
Electric shoe shining machine is an electronic product created by combining the traditional manual shoe shining process with modern technology. It can completely free our hands to put shoes in the shoe brushing area under the machine for shoe shining.


Annual Conference Activities
Compared with previous years, this annual meeting has more personnel and richer content. Including collecting information, consulting prices, on-the-spot inspection, production process, prize plan, lottery plan, game plan, purchasing prizes, drinks, preparing to host, etc.


How to deal with the motor overheating  ?
During the use of the motor, the sudden temperature rise of the motor will cause the motor to be burned due to various reasons. So how to deal with the overheating of the motor to reduce the loss of this type of accident.


Congratulations to Haichuan for winning the "Nanjing gazelle enterprise" for three consecutive years
On the afternoon of August 2, 2022, Nanjing held the conference of Unicorn and gazelle enterprises in 2022, and released the list of Unicorn, breeding unicorn and gazelle enterprises in the city in 2022. The conference was hosted by Nanjing municipal government, organized by Nanjing Jiangbei new area management committee and Nanjing development and Reform Commission, and co organized by Nanjing macroeconomic research center.


Warmly congratulate the successful relocation and smooth production of our new factory!
On July 8th, 2022, it was a historic moment for Nanjing Haichuan Electronics Co., Ltd.The new factory was officially completed and has been in normal production and operation. The new factory has a beautiful environment, magnificent office buildings, spacious and bright workplaces, and orderly production workshops. Location: No. 18 Huyue Road, Liuhe District,Longchi street, Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province, China.The transportation is convenient. Welcome new and old customers to visit!


Nanjing Haichuan 12th anniversary celebration  in 2022
Nanjing Haichuan Electronics Co., Ltd. ushered in the 12th anniversary  .Over the past 12 years, Haichuan people have worked hard in the fierce market competition, bravely set the tide, accepted the baptism of the market storm, and achieved fruitful results. Today, in order to celebrate this special moment, on August 7, 2022, the 12th anniversary celebration of Haichuan with the theme of "gratitude, consensus and growth" was solemnly held.


What is 'Thermal Protector' on an Electric Motor?
When you see the term “thermal protector” or “electric motor thermal protector” used in the description of an electric motor, it refers to a device found within the motor or motor compressor that is designed to prevent dangerous overheating that can cause motor failure.


Orders with high technical requirements are still delivered on time
Haichuan staff worked overtime to catch up with the delivery time to ensure the production progress and ensure the delivery on time.


what is HCET Thermal Protectors? | Haichuan
 As a experienced company in thermostats filed  for more than 10years  ,Our company pays great attention to the quality control,advanced testing equipment  and professional quality,muliple  testing process to ensure that the product 100% qualified delivery .Our products passed  multinational international safety certification  such as : UL,VDE,CQC  etc .


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