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In recent years, drone technology has continued to make breakthroughs and developments, becoming an important tool in many fields. In particular, oil-driven drones have received widespread attention and application in agriculture, logistics, aerial photography and other fields due to their strong carrying capacity and long endurance. However, as one of the most critical components in a petrol-powered drone, the working state of the engine has a significant impact on its performance and safety.


During the operation of oil-powered drones, the problem of engine overheating has always been an urgent problem that needs to be solved. The working environment of drones is often complex and changeable. High temperature weather, high-intensity tasks or long-term continuous operation may cause the engine temperature to rise and seriously affect its performance and life. Therefore, solving the problem of engine overheating is a key step to improve the reliability and safety of oil-powered drones.

Currently, the commonly used heat dissipation method for oil-powered drones is to use built-in fans to cool down the engine. In this cooling system, the temperature control switch plays a vital role. The main function of the temperature control switch is to monitor the engine temperature and control the operation of the cooling fan according to the set temperature threshold. The specific working principle is as follows:


1. The temperature control switch is installed near the engine, and the engine temperature is monitored in real time through a sensor.

2. When the engine temperature exceeds the set threshold, the temperature control switch will start the cooling fan.

3. After the cooling fan starts working, a strong air flow will be generated, which will take away the heat around the engine through the rotation of the fan blades, thus reducing the engine temperature.

4. Once the engine temperature drops to the set safe range, the temperature control switch will turn off the cooling fan and stop running.

The selection of temperature control switch is very critical, among which HCET-A series is a commonly used thermostat model. Its small size, precise temperature control capabilities, and good durability make it ideal for installation in oil-powered drones with limited space. In addition, the temperature control switch should also have high temperature tolerance and reliable circuit protection functions to ensure that it can still work normally in harsh environments.


Through reasonable selection and use of temperature switches, the problem of oil-driven drone engine overheating can be effectively solved. The temperature control switch can detect and control the engine temperature in time to ensure that it operates within a safe range, thus improving the flight quality, reliability and safety of the drone. At the same time, optimizing the cooling system can also extend the life of the engine, improve energy saving, and provide strong support for the stable operation of the drone.

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