HCET-A Series Thermostat for Lithium Batteries

Haichuan A series temperature switch is a thermal protector specially designed for lithium batteries. The A series thermal protector is a high-performance, high-precision, miniaturized and fast-response lithium battery thermal protection solution. 

October 14, 2023
HCET-A Series Thermostat for Lithium Batteries

Lithium batteries are currently widely used in various portable and mobile devices, such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops, digital cameras, drones, power tools, etc. In addition, lithium batteries are also widely used in electric vehicles, home energy storage, solar power generation and energy storage systems and other fields.


Compared with traditional nickel-metal hydride batteries and lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries have better performance in terms of energy density, cycle life, volume, weight, etc., making them the first choice for many applications. In the future, as lithium battery technology continues to be upgraded and improved, lithium batteries will also be involved in a wider range of application fields, such as smart wearable devices, smart homes, medical equipment and other emerging industries.


Lithium battery is a high-energy-density battery with the advantages of small size, light weight, and long service life. However, lithium batteries are prone to overheating during use. If not handled in time, it may cause damage to the battery itself and the surrounding environment. pose serious security risks.


The main reasons for lithium battery overheating are as follows:


Overcharging: When the voltage of a lithium battery exceeds its maximum charging voltage during charging, overcharging occurs, causing gas and heat to be generated inside the battery, causing overheating.


Over-discharge: When the lithium battery is depleted during use or storage, and the voltage is too low when continued to be used, over-discharge will occur, which will also cause overheating, explosion or even fire inside the battery.


Short circuit: If the conductor inside the lithium battery has poor contact or mechanical damage, resulting in a short circuit inside the battery, it will cause the battery to release a large amount of power and cause overheating.


High temperature environment: Lithium batteries themselves are relatively sensitive. Excessive temperature will accelerate the volatilization of the electrolyte and the deterioration of the electrode materials, causing the internal resistance between the positive and negative electrodes of the battery to increase, reducing the battery capacity, and thus causing overheating.

HCET-A is a thermal protector specially designed for lithium batteries, manufactured by Nanjing Haichuan Electronics Co., Ltd. Here are some of the key features and benefits of this product:


1. Miniaturization: HCET-A thermal protector is small in size and suitable for various types of lithium batteries, effectively saving battery space.


2. High precision: This bimetal thermostat adopts a bimetallic sheet structure, has high-precision temperature sensing capabilities, and can accurately monitor battery temperature.

3. Quick response: When the battery temperature exceeds the preset value, the HCET-A temperature switch can respond quickly and cut off the circuit to avoid the danger caused by battery overheating.


4. High performance: This thermal switch has the advantages of high temperature tolerance, low leakage current, long life, etc., and can meet a variety of use environments and application needs.

5. Company strength: Nanjing Haichuan Electronics Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in the research and development, production and sales of electronic components. It has rich experience and advanced production equipment, and can provide high-quality products and services.


In short, the HCET-A thermal protector is a lithium battery thermal protection solution with excellent performance, miniaturization and quick response. It has a wide range of application prospects and is manufactured by a strong company, with guaranteed reliability and stability.

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